Founded in 2005, Laila group factory specialises in woven and denim products across ladies, men’s and kids wear.

Their strength lies in research on different fabrics as well as highly specialised washing grades and finishes. It is a Leed gold certified factory.

Sustainability and techno excellence are the two key pillars of the group; with focus on using latest technology in machines to control wet and dry processes, automatic back pocket hemming, high speed waistband attachment. The group is also part of ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals), HIGG, SCM (Sustainable Chemical Management) programs.

An interview with Sanjay Dahiya, CEO Laila Group

Sanjay Dahiya- Laila Factory (1)

I started my career in the garment manufacturing sector in 1999 with global experience of working in India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

I have been with the Laila group since 2017 as the CEO. We have a total of two production units:

1) Bando Design Limited with 21 lines

2) Laila styles Limited with 35 lines. This is a certified Leeds gold green factory.

We have been working with Design Arc for the past four years.

We have a specialist in house design team who are continuously looking for new concepts and global trends to develop fashion collections.

At Laila group, we use modern technological machines in all aspects of production. We regularly visit international trade and machinery fairs to review the latest in machine technology.

Apart from being efficient in water and energy usage; we are also a Leeds certified gold factory. All the cut waste is burned in house to generate heat for the boilers. There is a 50KV solar panel set up on rooftop of our factory for energy generation.

Our endeavour is to always motivate our employees at all levels. We engage in regular training for the workers and supervisors in the factory.

A grocery shop at cost price is set up for the use of factory workers. We have invested in our community by providing child care areas with primary level tuition for the children. We also constantly appreciate and acknowledge hard work and exceptional work performance.